A Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan that establishes strategies to address short-term needs and opportunities of a community while moving toward realization of its long-term goals for the future over the next 20 years.

Unlike the “Downtown Suwanee Master Plan,” which was completed in 2015, the Comprehensive Plan is a city-wide plan.  While some areas of the City may be looked at in detail as part of the planning process, the Comprehensive Plan establishes an overall vision and goals for the City as a whole and prescribes future land use and a work program that address the needs of the entire community.

The Plan includes four basic elements:

  • Community Goals: broad vision for what the community wants for its future
  • Community Needs and Opportunities: immediate challenges faced by the community
  • Land Use Element: Update Character Areas* Map and Future Land Use Map
  • Community Work Program: to do list for addressing the challenges and moving toward the community vision

*Character Areas: A specific geographic area within a community that has unique characteristics to be preserved or enhanced; has the potential to evolve into a unique area with guidance; or requires special attention due to unique development issues