WHY 2040 PLAN?


The state of Georgia requires local governments to update their Comprehensive Plan every 10 years to maintain qualified local government certification.  The 2040 Plan will be an update to the “Suwanee 2030 Comprehensive Plan,” which was completed in 2008.  In addition to fulfilling State requirements, the Comprehensive Plan is an important tool for guiding future decisions about where and how to manage population growth and development within the community.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Plan

  • Shows important relationships between community issues
  • Tracks implementation of community-based policies
  • Creates an environment of predictability for business, investors, and property owners

It is important to revisit the Comprehensive Plan every 10 years to identify and plan for any new needs and opportunities that may not have existed in previous planning efforts and to update the plan in the context of changes in population, changes in the Atlanta region, and changes in other existing conditions.